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Latest Acquisitions

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908 Mohawk Trail, Adams Ma 01247

$500,000 12 units (old motel) ARV $850k

208 Jones Ave, Bridgeport CT 06604

$962,000 12 Unit Portfolio ARV $1.35M

256-258 Mather St, Hartford

$375k six unit apartment building ARV $600k

92 Spring St, 473 Howard Ave, New Haven CT

$1,250,000 6 Properties 16 units ARV 2M.

1-5 Taftville Occum Rd, Taftville

$150,000 4 units ARV $300

43 Pratte ave, 15 Platt Ave, 18-20 N A St, Taftville Norwich

acq $350,000 11 unit portfolio acquisition norwich. ARV 825,000