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By partnering with Seaside Capital, you won’t need to worry about the selling process – our friendly professionals will make sure that you get top dollar for your property.

The Stress-Free Solution for Property Selling

At Seaside Capital, we believe in getting the most out of complex housing and commercial markets. We take real estate to the next level by providing a streamlined and stress-free solution for every property need. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable about real estate and will work with you to develop innovative solutions for getting your property off the market promptly. Rather than waiting months for an offer from other buyers, you’re guaranteed a quick sale when you choose Seaside Capital!

Sell Your Property Quickly and Easily

We take real estate to the next level by providing a streamlined and stress-free solution for every property need. You can effortlessly sell every single family, multifamily, mixed-use, commercial, or land property with us! We want to buy your property regardless of its condition and how much repair is needed. Here at Seaside Capital, we are always excited to discover how we can help turn your real estate dreams into reality. Reach out today, and let us start this journey together!

Sell Your Property in 3 Steps

Contact Us

We start by conducting a qualifying phone call or text to understand the seller’s needs and desires when selling their property. During this conversation, we will ask questions about the property, such as its size, location, current condition, and any other relevant information, so that we can provide the seller with an acquisition strategy that fits their specific situation.

Get a Sale Contract

Once both parties have agreed on an acquisition strategy, we follow up with a Real Estate Agreement of Sale Contract outlining all of the details of the proposed transaction. This contract is an official legal document that both parties must sign to conduct business properly. Then, our team will typically visit the property to understand its condition and features better.


Lastly, depending on local laws and regulations around real estate transactions, we can schedule a closing date in which the seller will receive payment for their property within two to four weeks or sooner. Once all necessary parties have received payment, we will help facilitate any remaining paperwork needed for the sale to be finalized and complete.

We buy properties in all these areas and more:

Jacksonville FL
Orlando FL
Tampa FL
Cape Coral FL
West Palm Beach FL
Atlanta GA
Birmingham AL
Montgomery AL
Tuscaloosa AL
Hunstville AL
Fort Worth TX
Dallas TX
Austin TX
San Antonio TX
Houston TX
Charlotte NC
Raleigh NC
Greensboro NC
Nashville TN
Memphis TN
Chattanooga TN
Bridgeport CT
Hartford CT
Stamford CT
New Haven CT
New Britain CT
New London CT
Waterbury CT
Torrington CT
Norwich CT
New York NY
Long Island NY
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
St Louis MO
Columbia SC
Charleston SC
Springfield MA
Pittsfield MA
Worcerster MA

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